Los Cocos De Cuba
Immigrants to Santiago from Soledat, a municipality of Segundo Frente, following the wave of post-revolutionary urbanization, the extended family of Caridad, Norquis and Angel, three brothers, settled in the barrio in the year 1977, building a house with their own efforts .
In 2012, following the hurricane Sandy that devastated the Caribbean, their wooden house was totally ripped out, forcing the family to live in precarious conditions.
Although the family is on a list for popular housing, the consequences of Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent Hurricane Irma in 2017 have lengthened waiting times.
Caridad, the older sister, now retired, has worked all her life as a custodian at the "Universidad de Oriente", while Norquis having a child with a mental retardation to care for, sells on the street or in the market, nougat prepared at home or the fruits harvested by Angel, the youngest.

After the Cuban revolution, government investments made it possible to build about two and a half million houses. Internal politics aims to stimulate the construction of housing in urban areas and to stabilize the population that is still migrating to the big cities. Although the effort was huge, around 39% of the buildings on the island are still in poor condition.